The ALS Association 2016 Clinical Conference


November 3-4, 2016, San Diego, CA


The ALS Association Clinical Conference will engage ALS/MND healthcare professionals and offer current information on best practices and guidelines, multidisciplinary team care and coordination, ALS-relevant programs and services, assistive technologies, respiratory devices, options for augmentative communication and will provide professional networking opportunities. The conference will:

  • Provide a venue for nurses, clinic coordinators, practice administrators, social workers and other allied health professionals to discuss new trends, share current practices, exchange ideas and successes and dialogue on challenges and potential solutions
  • Cultivate a network of health professionals who support the advancement of knowledge and options for disease management in the field of ALS
  • Provide educational and hands-on exhibit display opportunities for attendees on a variety of subjects directly related to healthcare professionals


List of speakers can be found at:

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Define the importance of multidisciplinary teamwork and the beneficial effect it has on patient care.
  2. Demonstrate practical applications of assistive technology for persons with disabilities.
  3. Identify a variety of current assistive technologies and the impact these technologies have on a patient’s care and quality of life.


This activity is offered for up to 1.2 CEUs (12.0 hours of instruction). To register for CEUs:
  1. Download, and complete the following forms.
  2. Save the files names: 161104_ALS_Lastname-Firstname.xls
  3. Send both files to
  4. CEU certificate will be sent after submitting the two forms

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