IEP Resource: Suggestions and Samples for Students Who Use AAC 

This book contains suggestions and sample IEP goals specifically designed to build literacy, math and language skills for students who use AAC. ISBN 0-9772307-0-8

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beyond flash cards

Beyond Flashcards: Book One

This book is full of ideas designed to teach young children with communication needs colors, shapes, sorting and sequencing in a way that helps children see these ideas at work in their everyday lives. Each section includes introductory activities to explore the concepts in a fun way, and progresses to activities of increasing complexity as the child’s understanding increases. Designed for parents to use at home, this book will also be useful for teachers and speech language professional who work with young children.
ISBN 0-9772307-1-6Price: $24.95+shipping.


Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance Assessment Toolkit

The Americans With Disabilities Act – Compliance Assessment Kit (ADA-CAT) is a screening tool to allow individuals without advanced training to assess the architectural barriers of the built environment. It is not intended to provide an absolute measure of the features, but rather to provide simple, pass-fail assessments of the requirements of the ADA and other accessibility standards. See details.Price: $725.00+shipping.


Performance Report Tool (PeRT)

PeRT software facilitates the generation of the AAC Performance Report from AAC language samples automatically collected using the Language Activity Monitor (LAM) data format. The AAC Performance Report includes seventeen quantitative summary measures of communication performance. Appendices include LAM data, utterances, word lists, and a text version of the report. This allows the monitoring of performance over time for setting therapy goals and objectives and measuring outcomes. With the AAC Performance Report, therapy can be far more effective and higher communication performance can be achieved. The AAC Performance Report supports AAC evidence-based practice.Sign up for updates of PeRT:Click here Read more about PeRT:Click here

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Considering AAC Language Representation Methods

In the quest to optimize communication performance for individuals who use AAC, one of the most significant factors is the choice of language representation methods (LRMs). Recent evidence shows that, perhaps more than any other issue, LRMs influence communication performance. ASHA (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association) documents that relate to AAC service delivery and evidence-based practice put the burdens of considering how language is generated and optimizing communication on the SLP. This tool facilitates the interaction with the AAC client and family members on this topic. It is designed to sit between the SLP and client/family. The SLP works from notes presented and the client/family see the other side.Price: $75.00+shipping.


Single Switch Performance Test(SSPT)

SSPT is software to facilitate measurement of the ability to activate a single switch. SSPT software measures the average time required to activate or release the switch (following visual and/or audio prompts) and also can measure the speed of repetitive activation. Read more.

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AAC keys

AAC Keys

AAC Keys is a keyboard and mouse emulation program for Microsoft Windows-based and Macintosh computers. AAC Keys receives commands through your computer’s serial port and translates them into keystrokes and mouse movements, giving you full control of your computer from another device such as an AAC system. (If your computer has only USB ports, an inexpensive adapter is available.) Read more.

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