TATN State Conference


June 13-14, 2017, Houston, TX


The Texas Assistive Technology Network State Conference is an annual forum created specifically for stakeholders of assistive technology devices and services in the public school system.  TATN offers keynote presentations by national leading providers of assistive technology services and researchers providing high quality in-service education related to advocacy, evaluation, and implementation of assistive technology.  Further it introduces participants to the latest assistive technology devices and services through a large, comprehensive exhibit hall.  Participants engage in didactic and hands on opportunities to maximize their benefit from the training. To encourage a program conducive to the exchange of ideas, attendance is limited to approximately 700 people.  Lunch is provided to encourage networking and exhibit hall exploration.


A list of speakers can be found at: http://www.texasatconference.net/Schedule.htm

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Define one process of evidence-based practice.
  2. Describe two successful strategies for literacy learning for students with disabilities.
  3. List two successful strategies for seating, positioning, access and mobility.
  4. Describe one generalized model of AAC delivery.
  5. Appraise one advance in emerging assistive technologies.
  6. Identify two inclusion strategies for individuals who use AT.
  7. Explore two AT implementation strategies
  8. Examine one AT evaluation and assessment strategy.
  9. Identify two effective transition strategies for students using AT.
  10. Formulate two strategies for parent involvement/support/training.
  11. Describe one strategy to support student engagement and participation.
  12. Design one aspect of professional development for public school personnel.
  13. List two vocational supports for students who use AT.
  14. Identify one strategy to support students with visual impairments.
  15. Identify one strategy to support students with auditory impairments.


This activity is offered for up to 1.3 CEUs (12.5 hours of instruction). To register for CEUs:
  1. Download, and complete the following forms.
  2. Save the files names: 170614_TATN_Webinar_Lastname-Firstname.xls
  3. Send both files to ceus@aacinstitute.org
  4. CEU certificate will be sent after submitting the two forms

Note: If any difficulty is encountered in using this form, write to ceus@aacinstitute.org to request an alternative file format.