Augmentative and Alternative Communication: Page Sets, Access Methods, Implementation and so much more!


February 26, 2016  Sioux City, IA


Professionals need to maintain being current on assistive technology products and interventions along with being knowledgeable on how these products/interventions support individuals with severe disabilities to be effective communicators. Furthermore, professionals need to learn and be proficient with goal setting and device implementation in a variety of settings.


Haylee Kruger MS CCC-SLP 

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Participants will demonstrate an understanding on use of at least 3 devices by hardware.
  2. Participants will identify 3 unique features of each device.
  3. Participants will demonstrate knowledge on basic programming, customizing and vocabulary files of at least 3 devices.
  4. Participant will identify 3 alternative access methods.


This activity is offered for up to 0.3 CEUs (3.0 hours of instruction). To register for CEUs:
  1. Download, and complete the following forms.
  2. Save the files names: 160226_TTMT_Lastname-Firstname.xls
  3. Send both files to
  4. CEU certificate will be sent after submitting the two forms

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