6th International Brain-Computer Interface Meeting


May 30 – June 3, 2016, Pacific Grove, CA


This meeting will bring together physicians, speech language pathologists, clinical rehabilitation specialists, systems and rehabilitation engineers, neuroscientists, neurologists, psychologists, physiatrists, applied mathematicians, computer scientists, and actual BCI users who are involved in BCI research and clinical use. 


For a list of conference speakers, please go to: http://bcisociety.org/meetings/bci-meeting-2016-workshop-topics/

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Describe what BCI means to potential users and how it can impact their lives.
  2. Discuss who potential users are, how they use existing assistive technologies, and what they want from BCI technology.
  3. Present the perspectives of potential users from around the world, with experience related to various BCI specialty areas (i.e. communication, stroke rehab, artistic expression, prosthetic control, invasive and noninvasive, different signals).
  4. The learner will be able to describe the similarities and differences between BCIs and neurofeedback paradigms.
  5. The learner will be able to describe how closed-loop brain-computer interfaces can be used to bridge lost neural connections or to change the strength of connections.


This activity is offered for up to 2.6 CEUs (26.0 hours of instruction). To register for CEUs:
  1. Download, and complete the following forms.
  2. Save the files names: 160603_BCI_Lastname-Firstname.xls
  3. Send both files to ceus@aacinstitute.org
  4. CEU certificate will be sent after submitting the two forms

Note: If any difficulty is encountered in using this form, write to ceus@aacinstitute.org to request an alternative file format.