Writing and Reading Solutions for the Workplace


August 19, 2020, Webinar


Learn about the Assistive Software Knowledgebase, a new resource that the Center for Inclusive Design & Innovation (CIDI) is developing to help people make informed choices about selecting, acquiring and using specialized computer software in the workplace! Writing and reading are both critical skills for workplace success. Software, apps, and extensions are revolutionizing the way people with disabilities are finding success in the workplace. Many of these Assistive Technology (AT) writing and reading solutions are now widely available in our mainstream society. During this presentation, participants will learn and share valuable information about what software works with writing and reading in the workplace with iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. Accessibility features will also be discussed for consideration. This interactive webinar will leave you full of knowledge and resources for writing and reading!


Carolyn Phillips

Ciara Montes

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will be able to discuss at least three (3) software solutions that can assist with writing.

Participants will be able to discuss at least three (3) software solutions for reading.

Participants will be able to explain at least three (3) built-in accessibility features that can assist with reading and/or writing.

Participants will be able to successfully navigate the ASK database and the Tools for Life AppFinder.


CEUs This activity is offered for up to 0.1 CEUs (1.0 hour of instruction). To register for CEUs:  

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