Strategies for Traditional Speech-Language Therapy for Individuals using Minspeak Systems


September 7 OR 22, 2022


This webinar is geared specifically to speech-language therapists (and their assistants) who work with students who need specific instruction for improved expressive language production in the area of syntactical and morphological development.  Participants will learn how to apply “old school” principles of grammatical development with individuals using AAC devices.  Examples and activities in the webinar are focused on the UNITY® and LAMP® Words for Life programs.  However, the strategies taught in this webinar are applicable to other Minspeak application programs, such as Core Scanner, UNIDAD, Quasselkiste 60 (German) and Wortstrategie (German).  The principles can also be applied to other vocabulary programs, such as Word Power and Picture Word Power, as well as children using manual communication boards.


Gail Van Tatenhove, PA, MS, CCC-SLP

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will be able to discuss the use of different language models to guide intervention planning.

Participants will be able to define recasting and describe its effect on a child’s expressive language output.

Participants will be able to adapt and develop expressive language therapy materials for use with a student using an AAC system.


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