Still Mo Wild and Free…Apps and Cloud Technology




I will start my presentation off by showing some respected search engines where people can utilize various filters to identify apps that have been found successful in working with students with disabilities on various domains. These search engines are not only time saving, but also provide feedback and reviews from other professionals in the field as to their effectiveness.  In my presentation I will go through a list of apps and cloud technology, demonstrating how they work and providing context with real-life examples of how I have seen them in action.  Many students with disabilities benefit from the utilization of technology to enhance instruction, reinforce instruction, or be the platform of instruction. Everyone will walk away with apps or cloud technology that they can utilize to support their student across of variety of domains. The apps and cloud technology explored will show how to support curriculum adaptations, social skills training, behavioral needs, and organizational skills. Often students require “more or different” in order to be successful. Many of these resources will do just that, provide something more and different to support the curriculum.


Mo Buti

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will be able to locate at least 3 apps in which will support academic instruction for students with disabilities..

Participants will be able to locate at least 3 web-based sites that will support academic instruction for students with disabilities.

Participants will be able to demonstrate how to use technology to increase the ability to support students with disabilities in the areas of instruction, behavior, communication and more.


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