Read it Again: Using Books to Teach Multiple Language and Literacy Targets


June 20, 2022


Picture books are a wealth of language and conceptual knowledge for children, and children are often drawn to read their favorite books over and over. Reading books multiple times has many benefits. The predictability of repeated reading allows a deeper dive into the language and the elements of the story. We can optimize this naturally occurring phenomenon by being strategic in how we read and engage in guided discussions with beloved picture books. In this workshop, we will demonstrate how to quickly and effectively analyze a book and set learning targets to address a variety of different language and literacy targets. A list of presenters’ favorite books and an easy framework for analysis will be discussed and provided for reference.


Michele Boruta, M Ed

Melissa Marriott, MS, CCC-SLP

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will be able to set a purpose for reading

Participants will be able to set learning targets for repeated reading

Participants will be able to ask different types of questions related to established learning targets


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