Presuming Competence for Students with Severe and Multiple Disabilitites


April 4, 2017, Online


There are numerous approaches to teaching AAC for children who have severe and multiple disabilities the common approach of teaching core words is typically for some, the only approach. Children with severe and multiple are presumed to be incompetent and miss out on communication opportunities or instruction all together.  Practitioners need to understand that all children learn differently and we have to teach to their strengths for them to succeed. Communication is a complex process that involves an integrated approach to conversation, language and literacy instruction.


Pati King DeBaun, M.S.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Participants will be able to identify ways in which AAC devices, symbol systems, and/or techniques can increase the participation of individuals with congenital and/or acquired communication disabilities.
  2. Participants will learn about and identify successful strategies to develop/sustain literacy learning by individuals who use AAC.
  3. Participants will learn about and identify issues regarding vocabulary development, language acquisition, and/or literacy as they relate to AAC.


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