Perky Apps! Tools, Resources and Instruction for Students with ASD


April 4, 2019, Online


In considering meeting the unique learning and behavioral needs of students with ASD, research supports the use of visual supports as an evidence-based practice (NPDC-ASD, 2009). Numerous evidence-based practices, such as video-modeling, social narratives, self-management / self-regulation, speech generating devices and more, incorporate the use of visual information for instruction. As various modes of technology are visual in nature, the use of technology offers an evidence-base practice approach for teaching students with ASD skills in all areas, as well as addressing challenging behaviors in a proactive manner, as positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS). Students with ASD are often highly interested and thus motivated by technology, possibly due to the predictability and consistency that technology provides, compared to the unpredictable nature of human responses. The wide array of free and low cost iTechnology apps designed to focus on skills such as academics, social relations, self-regulation, organization, and communication, are extremely beneficial in supporting and instructing students with ASD. Therefore, it is critical to consider the range of technology for meeting the learning and behavioral needs of students with ASD. While low tech strategies have become standards for programming (e.g., visual schedules, checklists, social narratives, etc.), higher levels of technology tools, particularly the use of iTechnology, can further increase the motivation, attention, and independence of students with ASD. Many previously identified “low tech” visual supports and strategies can now be incorporated into iTechnology, to provide learners with ASD convergent and differential learning through mobile “anytime / anywhere” support and instruction.


Susan K. Lewis Stokes, M.A., CCC-SLP

Learning Outcomes:

1.Identify one feature of the iOS 11 update that can be beneficial to students us of iTechnology.

2. Use at least one app search tool to identify apps based on individual student needs.

3. List 3 apps that are evidence-based that can be individualized to meet the unique learning needs of students with ASD.


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