Making Switch Activities Fun!


February 21, 2022


For individuals with physical, communication and/or sensory disabilities having at least one reliable and consistent point of switch access opens a whole world of opportunities and independence. Switch access methods may be direct such as touching the screen or switch with a body part or indirect using proximity switches, infrared switches, voice commands or eye gaze, Lange, M. L., (2011). When determining access points for switch access, more than one body movement should be considered and trialed. Using switches to access the environment requires extensive repeated motor planning and cognitive and physical energy. It is important to look for access points that require the least amount of physical and cognitive energy. 


Heidi Brislin OT

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will be able to Describe at least one switch accessible activity to allow for participation in general education science, art and/or music classes.

Participants will be able to Learn to create 3 different switch activities using GoTalkNow Lite on the iPad to work on auto or step scanning.

Participants with be able to Learn 3 ways to use the Power Link to create fun, motivating, and inclusive learning and leisure activities.


CEUs This activity is offered for up to 0.2 CEUs (1.5 hours of instruction). To register for CEUs:  

Download and complete the following forms.

Save the files names: 220221_CTG_Lastname_Firstname

Send both files to

Upon completion of the two forms and passing the quiz, a CEU certificate will be sent

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