Language by any Modality is still Language


April 12, 2022


When we understand that AAC provides an alternative modality for expressive language, giving us another way to “speak” for ourselves, then we have the understanding to anchor to what is known about typical language development and progression. Without this understanding, the intervention and hopes become about “the device.” Principles of language development, for verbal language and for second languages, adhere to a developmental progression. That happens because the person is immersed in his/her symbol system.  This presentation will review the modalities of expression of language, discuss the development of the modalities, and relate the developmental progression to goals and intervention strategies.


Deann O’Lenick, PhD, CCC-SLP

Learning Outcomes:

Describe how language varies when it is produced verbally and through a speech-generating device, stating similarities and differences.

Develop SMART goals for developing language through AAC.

Evaluate and apply early language development strategies to the development of early language through AAC.


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