Language and Narrative Development through Storybook Reading


May 18 OR May 25, 2022


This webinar emphasizes the need for people using AAC to develop language and skills that support social and interactive communication. Narrative language focuses on skills used in interactive discourse and social communication. These skills can be developed through a process called “decontextualization” in which language used in storybook reading in now used in play activities and story re-reading. It is also a key dimension of communication and symbolic development that is needed for people who use AAC. One model of narrative language development will be shared with participants that emphasizes storybook reading, and play-based activities that decontextualizes the language proved in the stories and creates rich language learning opportunities using AAC.


Tracy M. Kovach, PhD, CCC-SLP

Learning Outcomes:

Describe how “decontextualization” in the Stories and Strategies Model is used in language-based activities.

Identify 3 activities that represent decontextualization from a story and are used to developed language.

Discuss how storybook reading and narrative development increase communicative competence.


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