Introducing Unity 2.0: Implementing AAC Just Got Easier


May 24, 2017, Online


This webinar will highlight how students can easily use Unity 2.0 during speaking, reading and writing activities in therapy and at school or home.


Kara Bidstrup, M.S., CCC-SLP

Sarah Wilds, M.S., CCC-SLP

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Name two software tools that make Unity 2.0 easy to learn and teach
  2. Name two ways to use Unity 2.0 during reading instruction
  3. Name two ways to use Unity 2.0 during writing instruction


This activity is offered for up to 0.1 CEUs (1.0 hour of instruction). To register for CEUs:
  1. Download, and complete the following forms.
  2. Save the files names: 170524_CTG_Lastname-Firstname
  3. Send both files to
  4. CEU certificate will be sent after submitting the two forms

Note: If any difficulty is encountered in using this form, write to to request an alternative file format.