COVID-19 Accessible Materials Webinar Series – a Closer Look: Mental Health and Resilience within the Disability Community during COVID-19


December 16, 2020, Online


The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have an impact on our lives and our mental health. Many people are experiencing heightened anxiety, social, and physical disconnection from others and ongoing concerns. Some unique challenges and surprising outcomes have emerged within the disability community. While many people with disabilities have faced considerable social and mental health challenges, others have reported experiencing increased inclusion and more connectedness than before. This webinar will explore various factors for understanding the mental health and resilience of people with disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic from their perspective. Discussion will also center on how service providers can access resources to support their services all while learning how to recognize the signs of mental health difficulties within the disability community. Participants will receive tips, resources, and guidance for improving mental health and building resilience as we collectively navigate this challenging time. 


Carolyn Phillips

Sam Peters

Danny Housley

Learning Outcomes:

Identify 3 impacts of COVID-19 on mental health from the perspective of individuals with disabilities.  

Describe 3 tangible tips for building resilience. 

Identify 3 resources to support mental health and overall health for individuals with disabilities, including ways to recognize early signs of mental health distress. 


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