Comprehensive Literacy and AAC users: Building Schema, vocabulary, and background knowledge for CROWD in the CAR action: with a bit of STEAM on the side!


December 8, 2022


All students require building their scheme or background knowledge to become successful readers. The Science of Reading (SoR) has described the complex process of reading, by using Scarborough’s Reading Rope, we can visually see that complexity intertwined. During this presentation, we will focus on a few strands within this upper rope of Language Comprehension (LC) when teaching our students with Complex Communication Needs who use AAC as their primary mode of communication. 


Sharon Redman

Learning Outcomes:

State the importance of developing anchor activities and building vocabulary and background knowledge our students

State the importance of modeling AT to our AAC/AT users and describe CAR and CROWD

Describe three meaningful activities/resources to increase reading engagement.


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