CapAACity Building is Where it’s AT! Increasing Family, School Team, and Administrative AAC/AT Involvement


August 13, 2020: Online


If you work with students who use AAC you know that effective implementation and the use of aided language input are key elements of best practice for AAC learning.  However, providing tools to all communication partners across environments so that they feel confident and prepared can be difficult to achieve.  Having a variety of fresh ideas in your toolbox ready to go can help you to support your team as you address these barriers.  Within the topic of aided language input, we will focus on ideas that will help you engineer the environment to increase the use of visual supports and allow for easier and faster modeling.  Within the topic of AAC implementation, we will give ideas that will help you elicit a variety of communicative functions, including commenting, questioning, protesting, requesting, and sharing information.


Maggie Judson, M.S., CCC-SLP, ATP, AAC Specialist

Jeanna Antrim, M.S., CCC-SLP, AAC facilitator

Learning Outcomes:

Analyze your current model around AAC/AT support and identify one idea of a capacity building strategy to implement in the school setting.

Identify one resource to help guide an AAC/AT capacity building plan.

Discuss three ways to build capacity around AAC/AT for school teams.


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