All Learn: Curriculum-based High-Leverage Supports, Strategies & Tools – Part 3


January 6, 2022


For students with high needs who have visual, physical, social, intellectual and/or Complex Communication Needs(CCN), the classroom setting has had a multitude of barriers from learning. During this 3 part webinar, we will share strategies and planning for specially designed instruction through the use of accessible educational materials, assistive technology, and modified curriculum. Examples of tools and strategies will be delivered through video and print case studies. Mere participation is not enough for students with high needs; engaged, excited and scaffolded learning experience daily is a must.


Kelly Fonner

Donna McNear, M.A., COMS

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will be able to discuss the opportunities opened by changing the narrative and terminology of student descriptions

Participants will be able to utilize a 7 part accommodation frame as a planning process for integrating accessible instructional materials and tools

Participants will be able to design a short term plan for getting off to a great start


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