AAC Virtual Playground




This  year cast many of us into an unforeseen world where we have had to provide therapy, education, and support for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) clients and families in an online environment. PRC-Saltillo is, and always has been, here to help with resources that will equip you to take AAC with you wherever you go. Whether you are providing teletherapy, in-person services, or looking for ways to enhance your classroom using AAC, join us for a fun and engaging session to learn about all the virtual resources PRC-Saltillo has to offer. From our ever-growing list of activities on the AAC Language Lab, to our FREE vocabulary emulation software, we have you covered.


Brittany Toney

Samantha Strong

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will identify where to find PRC-Saltillo resources and tools to use during virtual or in-person therapy sessions

Participants will identify two ways to integrate literacy activities into a learner’s day.

Participants describe at least three activities in which they can integrate core words.


CEUs This activity is offered for up to 0.1 CEUs (1.0 hour of instruction). To register for CEUs:  

Download and complete the following forms.

Save the files names: 201207_CTG1_Lastname_Firstname

Send both files to ceus@aacinstitute.org

Upon completion of the two forms and passing the quiz, a CEU certificate will be sent

Note: If any difficulty is encountered in using this form, write to ceus@aacinstitute.org to request an alternative file format.