Questions to Ask Your OT to Optimize AAC Device Use in the Classroom and School Environments


May 18, 2022


This webinar will focus on AAC through the OT lens looking at the various perceptual, motor, environmental adjustments that could be made to the student – device connection that could potentially enhance communication and engagement in the educational setting. Participants will co-author ‘the list’ classroom teachers can present to the occupational therapy team member to enhance student success in the classroom, bus, lunchroom and playground!


Froma Jacobson, B.S., OT, M.Ed.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will increase understanding of the OT Scope of Practice (OTPF 4) relevant to the role of OT and AAC and identify 3 components with which they were previously unfamiliar.

Participants, with clearer vision of the OT lens, will list 3 contributions the OT offers throughout the AAC process beyond access.

Participants will recognize possibilities for one of their students and frame one question for the OT to increase more efficient communication using AAC strategies.


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