Preparing for the School Year


August 10, 2022


In preparation for the upcoming school year there are several issues reported as concerns for children needing AAC.  Three of these relate to: 1) Recommending the most appropriate AAC system vs. the one that the school is most familiar with and uses with “everyone”; 2) Providing a program that “educates” the child vs. a program “placement”; and 3) Developing staff training to best support the child’s needs.  This webinar will scratch the surface of these issues often from parents’ perspectives by identifying some of the challenges, possible solutions, and results.  Presenters include a well-known and experienced speech-language pathologist and currently a PRC-Saltillo Regional Consultant; and two parents of children using AAC who have national recognition for their advocacy, and first-hand knowledge of challenges and solutions.


Kym Heine, MS, CCC-SLP

Terre Hradnansky

Jenn Seiff

Learning Outcomes:

Explain 3 characteristics of language/vocabulary conveyed in a speech generating device (SGD) that are conducive to language development and communicative competence;

List 3 approached in the area of advocacy that transcend barriers.

Identify at least one advocacy strategy that can be used during an IEP team meeting for each of these IEP components: 1) present levels, 2) goals/objectives, 3) supplementary supports, services, and aids and 4) special education and related services/least restrictive environment


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