Meet Glean: The Note Taking Support Tool that Boosts Independence, Student Success and Grades


September 21, 2022


Info-FOMO is real: you leave 65% of information behind in class. We take notes as a reminder of the key information from class. But note taking is hard: You can either try and capture information in note form or actively listen and engage in discussion. It’s near impossible to do simultaneously, but the act of taking and reviewing notes is vital for learning.

As note taking experts, we at Glean believe that it’s incredibly important that students are given access to an independent note taking process. The act of taking notes is critical to the learning process and retention of knowledge. This is because it involves ‘encoding’ (which is the processing information as you put it in note form) and the ‘storage’ of information (where you categorize and store information when reviewing notes).


Patty Headon

Learning Outcomes:

Illustrate the importance of independent note taking for learning.

Describe the role note taking technology can play in supporting student success.

Evaluate the effectiveness of different note taking support tools for students


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