Curriculum-Driven Intervention to Promote Language Development


September 27 OR October 6, 2022


In many cases, students with complex communication needs who use AAC lag behind their age- and grade-level peers with regard to receptive and expressive language development.  Typically developing children have mastered nearly adult-like language structures before they enter school.  They go from learning language to using that language to learn.  In most cases, individuals who use AAC do not enter school having developed linguistic fluency with a robust language system in a speech generating device (SGD) if they have a device at all.  In such cases, students are faced with the challenge of learning language within the context of a fast-paced curriculum which consumes the school day.  There is very little time during the day to address the students’ language-learning needs.  However, with intentional planning and collaboration, the student can be provided with multiple opportunities across the day to learn vocabulary and linguistic structures while still accessing the curriculum.  This webinar will offer practical strategies for reinforcing the development of language and vocabulary skills while reinforcing curriculum content.


Deborah Laurent Witkowski, MA, CCC-SLP

Learning Outcomes:

Identify the desired language-learning outcomes for curriculum lessons for students who use AAC.

Compare activity-based vs. language-based communication displays and how these types of displays impact student engagement in the academic process.

Identify strategies to reinforce content, language structures and/or vocabulary by providing multiple opportunities to learn across different activities.


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