Pillars of Successful AAC Outcomes


May 2, 2022 10:00am


The focus of this 1-day virtual seminar will be to outline the key elements, or pillars, that are essential to AAC success.  These pillars include core vocabulary, language acquisition, and motor automaticity.   Additionally, the speakers will discuss language representation methods including semantic compaction, or Minspeak┬« and demonstrate how Minspeak systems effectively provide core vocabulary, promote language development and facilitate the development of motor automaticity.  A hands-on UNITY 84 training will be provided to enable participants to discover how Minspeak systems work.


Deborah Laurent Witkowski, MA, CCC-SLP

Learning Outcomes:

Differentiate core and fringe vocabulary and identify why each is important in an AAC system.

Discuss the importance of language acquisition as it relates to people who use AAC.

Describe the role that motor automaticity plays in successful AAC outcomes.

Identify 2 benefits and challenges of three different language representation methods.


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