Board of Trustees



 khill Katya Hill, PhD, CCC-SLP is a co-founder and the Executive Director of the AAC Institute, a volunteer position. Katya has practiced AAC for over 30 years,and holds an associate professorship at the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh. Her research contributed language activity monitoring (LAM) tools and resources to clinical and research practices.
 Barry Romich Barry Romich is a registered Professional Engineer and is co-founder and former owner of Prentke Romich Company. He supports quantitative evidence-based AAC clinical practice as the method for achieving optimized communication performance for people who use AAC. Other interests include philanthropic activity ( and sustainable energy. 
 David Chapple David Chapple, an individual who uses AAC. David is an officer and trustee of the AAC Institute and has years of experience as an AAC mentor and trouble shooter. He has worked closely with individuals using and/or providing the full range of AAC interventions, including research and development of AAC technology. 
 margo Margo Broehl is an attorney with many years of experience in various aspects of the field of AAC. She has been active in personal advocacy, policy, and systems change.